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A Few Thoughts for the End of the Year

Trial Balloon for Everyone!

Trump Disqualified from Colorado Ballot

The Great Battlefield

Thanksgiving Mailbag

It Would Be Crazy for Biden to Join TikTok

It's a Later Problem

Divided We Fall

For Your Weekend Listening

Kevin McCarthy Had a Plan

The Language of Power

For Your Weekend Listening

The Origins of Political Wire


Six Months Until Iowa

Kamala Hits the Trail

Will Joe Manchin Run Third Party?

Extra Interesting

Biden's Grandfatherly Appeal


Who Will Debate?


Threads Is Live

Fundraising Surge

Happy July 4th!

Trump Solidifies His Hold on the GOP

Conservatives Flex on Supreme Court

Justices Gut Affirmative Action

100 Judges

DeSantis Fades in New Hampshire

McCarthy Floats Impeaching Merrick Garland

Fake Electors Flip

Impeachment Headache

Will Joe Manchin Run?

Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty

Judge Tells Trump to Stay Silent

Biden Kicks Off His Campaign

Battleground North Carolina

Trump Way Ahead

Trump Arrested

Trump to Appear in Court

A Devastating Indictment

Democrats Win Big at Supreme Court

Longshot Week

GOP Rebellion

Pence In, Sununu Out

Georgia Probe Into Trump Widens

Biden Falls

Debt Limit Drama

McCarthy Whips Debt Deal

It Ain't Over

Another Trump Indictment?

A Debt Limit Deal Nears

DeSantis Is In

DeSantis to Announce on Twitter

It's All Relative

Another Crowded Debate Stage

Biden's New Hampshire Problem

Advantage Democrats

Biden's Lead

Biden Moves to Expand Battleground

Back On Air?

Bonus Edition

Tucker Tells the Truth

George Santos Indicted

Trump Found Liable for Sexual Assault

Trump Did Not Testify

Special Counsel 'Racing' to Finish

Trump Offers No Remorse

No Defense

McCarthy Accepts Biden's Invite

Request For Mistrial Denied

Can Biden Win?

President Kamala Harris?

Trump Accused of Rape

Biden 2024

Tucker Gets the Axe

McCarthy Doesn't Have the Votes

Beating DeSantis in His Own Backyard

DeSantis Flops

Fox News and Dominion Settle

Trump Fails to Delay Rape Trial

Alito Stays Abortion Pill Decision

What's Taking Ron DeSantis So Long?

Judge Sanctions Fox News

Alvin Bragg Sues Jim Jordan

Join me on Notes

'Slovenly and Pathetic'

Trump's Lead Grows

Big Mouth

Tens of Thousands of Supporters

Trump's Day in Court

Trump in New York


Donald Trump Indicted

Thoughts and Prayers

Mike Pence Ordered to Testify

Team DeSantis Steals Trump Aide

Death and Destruction

Falling Approval

Trump On The Attack

Preparing For Unrest

Indictment Likely

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Trump and DeSantis Spar

Garcetti Confirmed

Standing Room Only

Drill Baby Drill

The Rise of DeSantis

Zelensky Denied an Oscar

Just Hilarious, Sir!

Democrats Fear 'Unity Ticket'

Green Light

Trump Goes on the Attack

Trump All Alone

Trump Surges Against DeSantis

Fox News Isn't News

Jeb Bush Endorses Ron DeSantis

Trump Preparing for a Delegate Fight

Is Trump's Hold on the Base Slipping?

Strong Showing for Wisconsin Democrats

What Nikki Haley Isn't Talking About

Biden Makes Surprise Trip to Ukraine

What Fox News Hosts Say In Private

Fetterman's Health Problems Grow

Nikki Haley Is In

'Meatball Ron'

See Y'all at the Convention

Over the Skies of Alaska

The Third Rail of American Politics

Right Track

Biden's Moment

Biden Preps His Big Speech

Balloon Day

The House as Launching Pad

Nikki Haley Is Running

All Quiet in Iowa

Georgia on My Mind

Ronna McDaniel Wins Fourth Term as RNC Chair

DeSantis Shakes Up the RNC Race

Defending George Santos

The Search Is On

Staying Quiet

Two Democratic Incumbents Are In

Being George Santos

RNC Already Planning Presidential Debates

Republicans Get Their Committees

Ohio's Senate Race Kicks Off Early

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